If any of you know my family or me or follow us on any social media platform then you probably already know that we are a very competitive bunch. That competitiveness skyrockets when you start talking aboutSpikeball. If you have not heard of or played Spikeball yet then you are missing out! My family never [...]

Half Marathon - Personal Record

Well – we did it! Alexa and I completed the Nationwide Children’s Half Marathon last weekend in Columbus. We crossed the finish line in 1 hour and 53 minutes, setting personal records and accomplishing our goal of finishing under 2 hours. This year's time was 16 minutes faster than last year! We were shocked we were [...]

#JustMathied Wedding Pictures

July 11th came and went in a flash and just like that I've been a Mathie for 3 months. Oh, how time flies! The past months have consisted of adjusting to a new home, learning how to sign my new name (which I still have yet to master I might add) and recently, obsessively looking at our wedding pictures. It has taken [...]

Every Step Counts

I am currently in training for my second half-marathon. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence. I never thought that I would be able to say that I ran one-half marathon, and here I am training for my second. In 3 weeks, my close friend Alexa and I will be heading to Columbus, OH for [...]

S’more Rice Krispies Pinwheels

Fall is finally here and with the cooler weather comes bonfires, tailgates, and my favorite treat, s’mores! Today I’m sharing a quick recipe that is a combination of two classic treats that you can easily bring to your next tailgate party. I brought these to the Ohio State tailgate we went to this past weekend and they [...]

Temporary Parenthood

Have any of you heard of the show Wife Swap? I’m sure you have. It’s a television show on ABC where two families swap wife/mothers, for two weeks. Well, this weekend Brandon and I did a little swap of our own. From Friday to Sunday we swapped houses and roles with my brother Ryan and [...]

Welcome to ByKy!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Let’s start with the basics – Hi 🙂 My name is Kylee or for those who know me well, Ky for short. I'm a 24-year-old blonde living in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.  I graduated from the University of Mount Union (Go Raiders!) with a degree in Marketing. I am a sister of Alpha Chi Omega [...]