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DIY Blanket Ladder

You will rarely catch me lounging on the couch without being wrapped up in a cozy blanket. Finding a way to store all my cozy blankets but still have them easily accessible has been a challenge. I tried draping them over the couch but they always ended up on the floor. I thought about a coffee table with storage but with reclining couches, a coffee table didn’t look right. I tried a simple storage basket but it was always overflowing which just looked messy.

So as I always do when I am in need of an idea, I took to Pinterest. That’s when I came across the idea for a blanket ladder. It was perfect! I could display my blankets, they’d still be easy to grab, plus it’d add some character and a pop of color to our living room. After some quick Google searches, I realized two things: 1) if I wanted to buy a blanket ladder I’d have to drop almost $100 or more and 2) I didn’t like the style of any of the ones I found for sale. Most of them were too skinny for my taste. I wanted something thicker. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to find exactly what I wanted at a good price, I decided to create my own DIY Blanket Ladder.

Blanket Ladder Empty

What You’ll Need:

2 - 2x4x8′ whitewood boards (for the side rails)

1 - 2x6x8′ whiteboard boards (for the ladder rungs/steps)

16 - 2 1/2″  flat head screws

Elmers nail hole filler

Wood Stain  (I used Minwax Wiping Stain Dark Roast)

Blanket Ladder close up with blankets behind steps


 How It’s Made:

  1. Cut your 2 - 2x4x8′ boards to 6 feet long. Set aside. These will be used for the sides of your ladder.
  2. Cut your 1 - 2x6x8′ board into 4 - 17″ pieces. Set aside. These will be used for the rungs of your ladder.
  3. You should now have 2 side rails (2x4x6′) and 4 ladder rungs (2x6x17″).
  4. Using a stain of your choice (I used Minwax Wiping Stain Dark Roast), stain all 6 pieces. Follow the stain directions on the can.
  5. Let the stain dry for 24+ hours.
  6. Once the stain is completely dry, lay one of the 2x4x6′ boards flat down on a table or the ground.
  7. Measure and mark 12 inches from the bottom of the 2x4x6′.
  8. From your 12-inch mark, measure and mark 17 inches.
  9. Now from your first 17-inch mark, measure and mark 17 inches again.
  10. From the second 17-inch mark, measure and mark 17 inches one final time.
  11. You should now have 4 measured marks on your 2x4x6′ board.
  12. Repeat steps 6-11 with your other 2x4x6′ board.  Set one aside.
  13. Next, grab your 2x6x17″ boards and stand them up on the 2x4x6′ you just marked up. Align the bottom outside corners of your 2x6x17″ boards so that they are flush with the front edge of the 2x4x6′ and on your pre-measured marks. The 2x6x17″ board should be angled so that the top outside corner is also flush with the back edge of the 2x4x6′ board.  2x4x17" on 2x4x6' boardAll rungs attached to rail
  14. Keeping the 2x6x17″ board where you placed it in step 13, use a pencil to outline the long edges of each of your 2x6x17″ boards onto the 2x4x6′ board.
  15. Then, lift up each 2x6x17″ one at a time and place two dots in the middle of those lines. These marks will be where you will be drilling.
  16. Once you have all your marks in place, pre-drill each of your dots.
  17. Now that you have pre-drilled each of your dots, turn your 2x4x6′ board on its side and line up one of your 2x6x17″ boards back up with the appropriate marks.
  18. Hold the 2x6x17″ board firmly in place against the 2x4x6′ board and screw in the screws from the outside.
  19. Repeat steps 17-18 for all four 2x6x17″ boards.
  20. You should now have all four 2x6x17″ board secured to one of your 2x4x6′ boards.
  21. Line up your other 2x4x6′ board to the other side. 
  22. Repeat steps 7-20 to secure the other side rail.
  23. You should now have a fully constructed ladder.
  24. Using nail filler, cover the holes & screws on the outsides of the ladder rails.
  25. Once the putty dries, touch up with stain.
  26. Let dry for 24+ hours.
  27. Once the stain is completely dry, bring it into your house and add your blankets! I added rubber feet to the corners of mine so it would not mark up my walls.

DIY blanket ladder

— Ky

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