Why Your Significant Other Should Not Be Your Only Valentine


Valentine’s day is marketed as a day to express your love for your significant other. Many people dislike the holiday due to the fact that they may not have that special someone to celebrate with. I have always seen Valentine’s Day a little differently. Though I see it as a day that should be celebrated with your significant other, if you have one,  I also see it as a day that should be celebrated with anyone in your life that you love. This year spread the love beyond just one valentine!  Spend the day with your best friends, your parents, your grandparents, and your siblings. Your significant other isn’t the only one that you love so why should they be your only valentine? If you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to share the day with, don’t dwell on that. You have plenty of other people in your life that you love and that love you! The day isn’t reserved for those in a romantic relationship. If you love someone, use this day to express that!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the beautiful people in my life! I love you all – you are all my valentines!

Muah! <3


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