If any of you know my family or me or follow us on any social media platform then you probably already know that we are a very competitive bunch. That competitiveness skyrockets when you start talking aboutSpikeball. If you have not heard of or played Spikeball yet then you are missing out! My family never plans a party, attends an outing or goes to the beach without at least 1 set with us. For those who are still wondering what I am talking about here’s the low-down.

Spikeball: Four people, three hits, two teams, one net. The game is typically played on a beach or lawn, is played with a rubber ball and a “trampoline” like net that is a few inches off the ground. Each two-person team has up to three hits between them to hit the ball onto the net, transferring possession to the other team. The objective of the game is to hit the ball onto the net so that the opposing team is unable to return it. First team to 21 points, wins. Just think of Spikeball as volleyball and four square put together. Want to know more – check out the official rules here.

 My family has been playing Spikeball for about 3 years. We were first introduced to it when my mother-in-law brought it on a trip to West Virginia. Brandon then brought their set to our family reunion and we have all been hooked ever since!

So hooked in fact, that we just joined a Spikeball league that plays every Monday night at Ohio Sports and Fitness. Brandon and I are teammates – team name “Don’t bump to Strangers” (a key strategy if you want to win). Tonight is our second game! Wish us luck – we’ll be sure to keep you updated on how we are doing throughout the league.


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