Neutrogena Body Oil Review

Let’s face it – winter in Cleveland is frigid and miserable. Though we have been pretty lucky with nice weather lately, the inevitable awaits us. With the cold temperatures comes big blankets, lots of layers, and of course the worst, pale and dry skin. I hate how dry my skin gets in the winter! I moisturize my skin each morning while getting ready but as soon as I step outside I feel like my skin is already dry again. It’s like the wind chill just wipes the moisturizer right off.

 I recently received a free bottle of Neutrogena Body Oil to try and I have to tell you all, I absolutely love it!  This oil has helped keep my skin smooth and moisturized throughout the entire day. I have been using this product regularly for about a month and can tell the difference in my skin. My favorite part about this product is that it is more than just a moisturizer. In addition to using the body oil as a moisturizer, you can also use it in a bath to help soften your skin, as a shave gel when shaving your legs, as well as a cuticle softener when doing your nails. The only downside I found was the sesame fragrance. I have pretty sensitive skin so my skin does not do well with fragrances in lotions or oils. With that being said, Neutrogena does offer a fragrance-free version of this oil.

For all of you ladies out there struggling with dry and sensitive skin like me, check out Neutrogena’s Body Oil to help hydrate your skin.

 These products were provided to me by NEUTROGENA®. #SoSheerSkinGlows Thoughts and opinions are my own – find out more at


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