#JustMathied Wedding Pictures

July 11th came and went in a flash and just like that I’ve been a Mathie for 3 months. Oh, how time flies! The past months have consisted of adjusting to a new home, learning how to sign my new name (which I still have yet to master I might add) and recently, obsessively looking at our wedding pictures. It has taken us a while to go through all of them because we have so many! (Not that I’m complaining). There are thousands the photographer’s pictures, pictures our friends and family took, and then pictures that were uploaded to our CapsuleCam album. With that many photos, it’s been hard to choose our favorites. In order to let everyone see our amazing pictures from that beautiful day in July, we are sharing our entire online portfolio. Below are a few we loved and wanted to share. The rest can be viewed in our online portfolio here. To view all the pictures use the2015FirstLook password. In addition to our online portfolio, we also have a folder of pictures taken by our family and friends for your viewing pleasure. There is no password to view these, just simply follow the link here.  We are very excited to finally share our memories with you all! We have our favorites but would love to hear which are your favorites! 🙂




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