Half Marathon – Personal Record

Well – we did it! Alexa and I completed the Nationwide Children’s Half Marathon last weekend in Columbus. We crossed the finish line in 1 hour and 53 minutes, setting personal records and accomplishing our goal of finishing under 2 hours. This year’s time was 16 minutes faster than last year! We were shocked we were able to improve that much in 1 year, especially because it was 28 degrees at the starting line.

 One item we both used this year that we did not use last year was the FlipBelt. If you are a runner and are not using the FlipBelt, I highly recommend you buy one! I’ve always hated using armbands because my arm would go numb when running longer miles. The FlipBelt goes around your waist so eliminates a bulky armband or having to hold your phone, cards or keys.  And if you partner the belt with Wireless Bluetooth Headphones it’s even better! No cords getting tangled – you can just focus on running. Having the FlipBelt during the half marathon made it so much easier!

Mid Run

Mile 10

Starting line

The starting line

Mile 5

Mile 5

My favorite part of the race was getting to high-five the patients and read their stories throughout the race.  It was amazing to see a new patient each mile. What a great reminder as to why we were running and motivator for us to keep our pace. Another part of the race I loved was all the creative signs! People are so witty. They were great distractions for 13.1 miles.

Thank you to everyone who supported us through this process whether it was coming to watch us race so early in the morning, following our time, or donating money for the Nationwide Children’s patients. We truly appreciate it!


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